The night my mother left the hospital with me, her and my father had nowhere to stay. My grandmother, who was against her daughter having a child at 18, wasn't going to let us not have a place to stay. My mom told me that the moment Mary laid eyes on me, we were inseparable. I don't remember much about grandma Mary. I was 4 when she passed away. My momma said the night she passed, she was coming in and out of coma and kept repeating my name "Mikey" over and over. My middle name is Michael so my family has always called me Mikey. Fun KB trivia, lol. Anywho, Im a pretty spiritual person. I was raised christian and have had my bouts with religion over the years and have spoken to a few intuitive people that have all said the same thing about my grandma watching over me. Being my guardian, if you will. Moving forward to a little after I turned 26, I was in need of a new guitar. I went to a guitar center and found this beautiful Breedlove. It was an expensive guitar new but had a few bruises from the years. I traded a different guitar in for it, along with a few dollars and its been my main gigging guitar ever since. Struggling to find a name for it, I settled on Mary Ellen the other day after realizing its been there for me in the ups and downs, the shitty roommates, and the rough relationships. Much like my grandma always being there for me! 

Thanks for reading!



So I was on the news a few weeks ago and what a blast it was. Everything took place so quick! Tim Ryan and I were in the studio room when all of a sudden a few camera men/women came in along with a producer and Kim Hudson, FOX2 anchor. The lights went up and we were off. I hope you enjoy what you are about to see. I laugh every time I watch this! :)



Hey friends and family. Havent updated anyone in a minute. Since my last post, Ive played gigs all over St. Louis, was on the tele and spent a week in Mexico. Hungout in Todos Santos with some friends and drank mucho tequila! I spent a few hours with my gopro shooting different videos of the ocean and I settled on a beautiful sight and put a new song over it. The song is called "Shine". I wrote it in 2014 while I was in a few situations that were not choice. I never released it because I was looking for the appropriate time. Well, I found it!

While in Mexico, I got to share a condo with this dude Tony from Utah. We spent many nights talking the hours away and hanging with the coolest of the cool. I find myself asking what I did to deserve these great opportunities and all I can come up with is that prayers are being answered and aligning myself in to a better position is taking place. All I want to do is laugh and make others laugh and bring joy to people. Great intentions reap great rewards, I guess :)

Thanks for letting me love you!



New from the jam tank comes a few solos. One from my favorite song by Sum 41 "In Too Deep" and another from an original song called "Fly Away".

1. When I was in my teens, I would hangout in my room with friends and play guitar. Most of the time, I would play guitar to a song on the stereo while my friends would play video games or be on the computer. It was a solid time. I would play the Sum 41 album "All Killer No Filler" front to back. "In Too Deep" was the song I stuck with most. 

2. I used to take it super personal when people would try to change me. I honestly still do. Not because I dont want to change, but I feel like what people most want to change about me is the fire that all my originality stems from. After a conflict with my girlfriend at the time, I wrote the song "Fly Away". Its about building your own self/life and listening to your gut and understanding your current situations wont last, good or bad as well as being changed by someone. This song is a true extension of my heart. Rain on your own parade haters!





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