I am a little late on this post, but tonight, I am playing at Picassos Coffee in St. Charles at 8pm. There will be original music, a cover or two, some stories, and this past week I discovered wine so that will probably be a part of the night as well. Come say hi!


The new EP has been finished and is currently being mastered and prepped for print. A new music video has been put together for the new song "Good Morning" and will be released shortly along with the single on iTunes! I will be opening up for Martin Sexton which I am extremely pumped about. Martin has shaped my songwriting over the past few years and is a solid musician. Check him out HERE. ​So much to be thankful for. Thanks for the love everyone :)


The EP has taken the majority of 2014 to record. Thats because I was waiting for another song to present itself to finish out the recordings. Everything is now done. I am currently waiting on mixes, then mastering. I will release a single along with a great music video in the start of 2015!

Devil in Disguise EP 

So a close friend and I have been putting together a cool little interview to go with the release of the first single. It will go live here shortly. I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the EP.

I decided to go with a few neat dudes for the band. Kevin McDonald on drums was a no brainer. Trey Raith on sax was a great choice along with a personal favorite guy, Jeff Leenhouts. Each of these individuals have all done something great with music, but more importantly, their attitudes are what make them shine. 

I feel as if i was in a place, not to just recruit great musicians, but to more so find people I can relate to and share something positive. The most beautiful thing in the world, ART, was made with these dudes. I am so happy with what came out as the final project and I think you will too. 

I cant forget about two major staples in this whole project. Matt Amelung, and Drew Woerther. Both of these gentlemen are real boys. Both have good attitudes just as the project called for. Its amazing how many things need to fall in line organically to do anything worth while. So much out of your control. 

Thanks for reading and being a dedicated fan. You do not go unappreciated!!


April news 

I have a few announcements to make. I am waiting confirmation on a few things, then I will let everyone in on whats going on. Need I say its exciting???



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