They say the hottest fires make the hardest steel. In Kevin’s case, they make the most powerful

Growing up surrounded by total chaos, he found his guitar was an instrument he could use to 
make sense of it all. He started creating music that told a different story; one where his life went 
the way he wished it would. But growing up without a father, with his mother in prison and with 
his step father having taken his own life, Kevin didn’t just want to play music. He had to.

Sometimes, it’s hard to make sense of things until they’re written down. So Kevin wrote until 
they did.

The guitar was his most powerful gift, his biggest passion and his truest escape. He wanted 
everyone to share in the wonderful feelings he could create with such a simple instrument that 
came naturally to him. It all started when he began playing for a variety of bands in a variety of 
different genres. This gave him a rare appreciation for a unique range of musical styles. 

Music quickly became the happy place and he couldn’t help but to keep visiting. That place is 
where he still lives seventeen years later. 

Forever is a long time, so let’s go back a few years to where his musical aesthetic was born. 
Knowing he’d be playing the guitar forever, he knew he needed to learn how to sing. As fate 
would have it, Kevin was introduced to Steve Ewing of The Urge at the perfect time. Being ever 
the gifted listener, Kevin was all ears. Steve refuses to take credit, but he’s the one who 
coached Kevin’s voice to where it is today.

“Kevin’s an amazing talent, it’s incredible what he’s been through and you can really hear the 
range of emotions in the range of his vocals,” Ewing said after playing a festival at Ferguson 

After their sessions together, Kevin was ready to share his gifts on a bigger stage. Nowadays, 
he’s been at it for more than seventeen years, ten of them professionally.

His guitar melodies range from simple acoustics to classic rock and roll and his voice tells a 
unique brand of story through music. Yet, even with the range and variety that make up the 
ingredients for his songs, there’s one thing each one has in common: Kevin takes you to a place 
where everything makes sense, and once you’re there he aims simply to put a smile on your 

But deep down, Kevin’s the one who’s really smiling.

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