Freak Train

You don't have to say anything, I know just who you are
Your reputation supersedes you, by very far
Step back in to the corner, and watch it with my eyes
Because you're going of track, thats a matter of…Read more

Thinking Of Her

Got a lot of bullshit on my mind
Wonder whats gonna come out of this one
Cuz' you never know just what you find
When a girl like you try to miss one

Cuz' old loves new loves wanna find…Read more

You Are My Light

Im feeling alone on this journey
cant seem to find what Im looking for
I lean in close hear the world whisper
I lost the keys to every door

I close my eyes and think of you
When Im far…Read more


Not trying to creep up on you baby, I just want your truth
i see the way you walk around lady, tryin' to chill with you
Ooh girl such a classy lady, what do I gotta do
But cereal Im…Read more

Devil In Disguise

I can see you pick your heels tonight
The little red dress is choice again tonight
And I can hear your foot steps in the street
You're a walking nightmare and I feel you getting close to me

Step up…Read more

Good Morning

The other day I saw you running
Pink shorts made for a good view
Always find it interesting
Running away from problems too
You're wishing for a diamond
So you can give yourself away
Holding your heart in the palm…Read more

Cant Get Away

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face
I knew it was because you were gone
It could have been you but it was probably me
Something I didn't really wanna see
But I knew I was…Read more

The Christmas Song

This year for Christmas I got a big wish list
You better check and get it right
Theres not much under that big old tree
And old St. Nick's nowhere in sight

Cuz I want it and I need it…Read more

Little Bit Of Trouble

You something special
I wonder what you think about all the things Ive done
To you
Me contradiction
I think I might owe you one or maybe twenty now
If we keep count

Because you make me feel like Im…Read more

Beautiful People

I get up and this world keeps me down
And I got time always got time on my mind

And I you make me want to fly
And I you get me so damn high
Cuz you're my beautiful people…Read more

Gonna Be Alright

With a love like ours, we can conquer the world
Just the two of us, only you and me girl
Cuz I hold you tight inside my arms
Keep you free and clear of all the harm in the world…Read more