The night my mother left the hospital with me, her and my father had nowhere to stay. My grandmother, who was against her daughter having a child at 18, wasn't going to let us not have a place to stay. My mom told me that the moment Mary laid eyes on me, we were inseparable. I don't remember much about grandma Mary. I was 4 when she passed away. My momma said the night she passed, she was coming in and out of coma and kept repeating my name "Mikey" over and over. My middle name is Michael so my family has always called me Mikey. Fun KB trivia, lol. Anywho, Im a pretty spiritual person. I was raised christian and have had my bouts with religion over the years and have spoken to a few intuitive people that have all said the same thing about my grandma watching over me. Being my guardian, if you will. Moving forward to a little after I turned 26, I was in need of a new guitar. I went to a guitar center and found this beautiful Breedlove. It was an expensive guitar new but had a few bruises from the years. I traded a different guitar in for it, along with a few dollars and its been my main gigging guitar ever since. Struggling to find a name for it, I settled on Mary Ellen the other day after realizing its been there for me in the ups and downs, the shitty roommates, and the rough relationships. Much like my grandma always being there for me! 

Thanks for reading!


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