Not Everyone Wants To Be Famous

When I started playing music for a living at 21 and understanding that it was possible to do so, I thought my shit didn’t stink. I thought talent alone could take me to the top and the top in my head was world stages and the level of John Mayer😂 I laugh because looking back, my trajectory was to fizzle out like the Coke in my Bacardi. 4 years shy of 40 and Im picking up the crumbs that are leading me to the path of understanding who I am. I enjoy being a member of my community. I enjoy being a sober friend and family member. I enjoy doing our yard work and making our space homey and warm. Humanity has to get out of the habit of thinking every person with talent wants to be famous. For me, its talent shows. A few times a week, I have to put someone at ease by telling them im not interested in American Idol or The Voice or Americas Got Talent. It’s always an invitation to educate civilians on the basis of talent shows that makes no one the wiser. It’s time wasted.

If you want to help me on my music career path, listen to my music. Purchase new releases on BANDCAMP( Attend some shows. These things make me feel like I'm an accomplished musician, not this falls offering of the next “woe-is-me” singer. 

I say it with love,



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